Cyber-Security Specialist, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, CEO of ProSysCo & STARK

"Nothing changes, unless you DO."


"Nothing is as powerful and contagious as the human Idea and the willpower behind it"

My name is Stefan Leipold, I’m a cyber security & technology specialist, Inventor of the Magnetic Privacy Screen with camera-shutter and the worlds 1st color-changing unbreakable privacy screen for mobile phones, public and keynote speaker and philanthropist.

While threats are all around us and endanger our social interactions, I organized a top team of experts to protect our world of tomorrow one device at the time. In my role as a Cyber Security specialist I’m honored to be part of the Forbes Business Council since 2020. Having the opportunity to publish articles through Forbes about Cyber Security and Hacking Attacks, helps tho spread more awareness and education about vulnerabilities and and educate on polices and how to implement better and stronger protection for all of us.

I’m also a huge fan of supporting Kids fighting cancer, and empowering woman in the Tech world, my work in the cyber security field and sales of my STARK products, enable me to do my philanthropy and give back to our society. My believe is that if you are successful, you are obligated to help others.

Does all of the above appeal to you?

Then I look forward hearing from you, if you need help assisting you in you personal, government or cooperate needs if got hacked or simply need an cyber security assessment.