Stefan Leipold GQ


is the founder and CEO of STARK, a technology company that designed, patented, developed the world’s first “Designed for Microsoft Surface” certified magnetic privacy screen for Apple and Microsoft devices.

In 2019 STARK developed the Camera Shutter sticker and in 2020 the world’s 1st color changing Privacy screen CS2.

Stefan founded STARK in 2017 and contributed around twenty years of specialist knowledge in information technology, as well as essential industry experience to the company.


Stefan manages strategic decision making and business development at STARK. He provides facilitation for the company’s activities in the following areas: product design and manufacturing, sales, marketing, and support. Furthermore, he strategically strengthens STARK’s global business partnerships, develops and launches its products in markets like the US, EU, UAE and Asia. Last but not least, he serves as a Forbes Business Council in Cyber-Security.

STARK’s business has been featured on national and international radio, television, online and print media. It has generated over $500,000 in sales in just 8 months without outside equity support or significant efforts in marketing.


Stefan Leipold studied in Hannover (Germany) and received his MBA in Systems Engineering. He accomplished a total of over 70 professional certifications with: Comptia, Microsoft, Cisco, Nokia, Linux and E-Council.

Mr. Leipold also serves as CEO of ProSysCo, LLC (since 1998), an international IT/Cyber-Security service provider. In his responsibilities on customers, efficiency and execution led to significant company growth. Previously, he worked with Microsoft / New Horizons as the developer of the “WalkIn” learning program for the US and EU. He assisted the USA/German and Mexican Government as a 3rd party contractor. Stefan started in 2021 to work in the Marina Industry to secure Mega Yachts for the IMO 2021.

public speaking

Charity is a way for Stefan to give back to society.
He gets involved in fundraising and spreading his knowledge and wisdom at universities, colleges, government events, businesses, and personal mentoring in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Stefan is an ally of Habitat of Humanity, the Red Cross, the Good Dog Foundation, the Leukemia Lymphoma Society LLS, Conner’s Cure and the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation NPCF. He has been featured in Forbes, as well as in other international media. He also published his biography “The Decision – The Sky is Not the Limit.”

Stefan Leipold GQ